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Ellis Wilkinson

Ellis Wilkinson’s grooving basslines and hummable melodies belie songs riddled with lyrics detailing a young man’s honest look at the world around him. Through his developing body of work, he endeavors to create music which reflects the joy that comes from experiencing both the bitter and the beautiful, as well as the monstrous and the mundane. He is also extremely grateful that you have taken the time to come to his website to listen to his music. Ellis is a self-taught musician who plays a wide variety of instruments. He is currently trapped in New Jersey.

Ellis would like to thank the numerous talented and driven artists who worked on his album. His debut album was produced, mixed, arranged, and engineered by Kazim Zaidi. Ellis performed the vocals and guitar, with the driven multi-intrumentalist Kazim Zaidi playing guitar, bass guitar, drums, and keyboard, and contributing vocals. Scott Silberstein contributed to the songwriting, most notably on “Dry Bed”. The Grammy award winning singer-songwriter Michal Towber performed vocals for “She’s Gonna Leave You”. The album was mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering.